Erik Gabrielson

Mas Zenitude Winemaker Erik Gabrielson pursues a passion for returning winemaking to its roots as both a trade and an art, grounded in traditional techniques that respect the land, the vines, and the natural processes that transform the fruits of the vineyard into gorgeous wines.

Erik acquired the vineyard in 2006 and embarked on a very personal journey that required the utmost perseverance and dedication to the craft: using established practices of biodynamic viticulture – and even developing some of his own along the way – Erik returned the vineyard to a more natural, low intervention style of winemaking. The wines have responded to reflect an organically balanced terroir that is more authentic and sustainable.

The Mas Zenitude attitude embraces sensuous emotions, a determined appeal to tradition, and the celebration of organic energies that with eternal patience enrich and enliven. Which is not to say nature lacks room for a certain sophisticated flamboyance. Erik is dedicated to offering, “wines with an attitude.” In short: Expect the unexpected.

Erik's passion has been rewarded in many ways, not least of which is the welcome return of native birds, insects, and wildlife to the land, after many generations they have been missed by locals. A more immediate reward has been the reception Mas Zenitude wines have enjoyed from critics, customers, and wine lovers, who have responded enthusiastically to wines that are allowed to express their individuality in their own time, according to natural rhythms.

Erik is always exploring and innovating within his craft, and his focus remains on techniques that embrace craftsmanship and artistry, and restore organic authenticity to winemaking.

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